BattleBots Rules
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Knock Out

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Last Event

BattleBots / BotsIQ 2011 Nationals

February 23-27, 2011


Miracle Marketplace Shopping Center
Miami Florida
3301 Coral Way,
Miami, FL 33145


The tournament will be open to the following Classes and Divisions:

120 Pound Middleweight Robots

  1. High School 120 lbs. (Middleweights)

  2. lbs.College 120 lbs. (Middleweights)

  3. Pro 120 lbs. (Middleweights)

15 pound Robots

  1. High School 15 lbs.

  2. College 15 lbs.

  3. Pro 15 lbs.

Task Oriented Robots

  1. Middle School Task Oriented

  2. High School Task Oriented

  3. College Task Oriented

BattleBots Events
BattleBots is opening the door to a new "anything goes," BoxerBot™ class. Currently, there are NO rules and NO weights for this class. Eventually, there will be rules and regulations, but for now, this is to experiment, show and tell, and see what the builders come up with.
More information on the BoxerBot class will be arrive when we announce our next event. Until then, start thinking…